Five Commonly Needed Medical Services Not Covered by Medicare

daniel-frank-201417-copy-300x200One mistake that many Medicare recipients make is assuming that all their basic medical needs are covered under Medicare. In fact, there are a lot of commonly needed medical services that Medicare does not pay for. By becoming informed about the coverage gaps in your Medicare policy, you are not only preventing yourself from any surprises when you receive your healthcare bill, you are also increasing your ability to detect any fraudulent billing schemes from your healthcare provider or anyone else who tries to tell you that services not covered by Medicare are actually covered. If you do detect any violations by your healthcare provider or employer relating to Medicare billing, contact the whistleblower attorneys at Willoughby Brod immediately.

Dental Care

Even though every individual requires regular dental cleanings, and many Medicare recipients find themselves requiring dentures, Medicare does not pay for these basic dental needs. The only dental care that Medicare may pay for is dental care required while hospitalized as a result of an emergency.

Hearing Aids

Another commonly needed medical service for Medicare recipients, hearing aids are also not covered by Medicare. The only hearing-related medical service that Medicare does cover is a hearing and balance exam, if your doctor determines it is necessary.

Eye Exams, Glasses, and Contacts

Medicare does not cover routine eye exams, glasses, or contacts. However, if you have any special medical conditions that require annual eye exams other than the usual annual checkup, you may be able to have these special checkups covered by Medicare Part B. You also may receive some coverage from Medicare for certain types of cataract surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery

It is no big surprise that cosmetic surgery, such as breast implants or other cosmetic facial corrections, are not covered under Medicare, as these are not medically necessary procedures. The only exception is if cosmetic surgery is required as a result of a medical condition. For example, Medicare will cover breast prosthesis for breast cancer survivors.

Medical Care Received Abroad

In most cases, Medicare will not cover any medical treatment received in a different country. That is why it is important to make sure you secure travel health insurance while traveling overseas. In certain limited situations, Medicare may cover medical care received abroad if you received medical care in Canada while traveling between the continental U.S. and Alaska, or if the foreign hospital is closer than the closest U.S. hospital.

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