Why do Whistleblowers Blow the Whistle?

rene-bohmer-430927-unsplash-copy-200x300There are many programs and legal statutes that allow whistleblowers to receive compensation for reporting wrongdoing, typically in their place of work. The False Claims Act is just one of these. However, whistleblowers do not typically blow the whistle to receive this compensation. In fact, many are not even aware that they are eligible for it at the time they report the wrongdoing. So, why do whistleblowers blow the whistle?

Moral Obligation

Of course, the main reason whistleblowers report wrongdoing is because they know they have a moral obligation to do so. It is incredibly difficult to go into a workplace every day, see unethical practices happening, and do nothing about it. Many whistleblowers simply cannot live with the guilt of knowing the government is being defrauded and continue to let it happen. After blowing the whistle, whistleblowers typically feel a sense of peace knowing they have done the right thing. 

To Protect Themselves

In many instances, a whistleblower can only be an onlooker for so long. Once their employer or coworker knows that a potential whistleblower has realized the wrongful acts are happening, they will often encourage them, or sometimes even force them to participate. This is so that the whistleblower then cannot report the wrongdoing because they have taken part in it. In many instances, employers do not wait until an employee has noticed wrongful acts before asking them to take part. 

Many whistleblowers do not understand that they are protected from having unclean hands through the Whistleblower Protection Act. Still, those protections are sometimes limited and so, it is best to report the fraud or wrongdoing as soon as possible. 

To Correct the Situation 

When whistleblowers notice wrongdoing in their place of employment, they usually want to stop it and correct the situation. Unfortunately, they know they cannot do it on their own. They blow the whistle knowing the federal courts and the Department of Justice will take over. These entities are the only ones that can usually make the situation right, but they first need to be alerted to the fraud by a whistleblower. 

Wanting a Transparent Society

Unfortunately, today’s society is not as transparent as people would like. That means it is also not always fair or just. Whistleblowers want to correct this. Edward Snowden, for example, knew the government was obtaining personal communications from residents throughout the country, and that they were doing it in secret, which is not transparent. He wanted to stop this and make society a more transparent place. This is the motivation for many whistleblowers. 

Do You Want to Blow the Whistle? Call Our California Qui Tam Attorneys for Help

If you want to blow the whistle for the above reasons, or any other, you cannot do it on your own. You will need protection, and a plan in case your employer retaliates against you which, unfortunately, they likely will. If you need help blowing the whistle, call our San Francisco qui tam attorneys at Willoughby Brod. We will help you make things right, and guide you through the entire process, which many find intimidating. Call us today at (800) 427-7020 for your free case evaluation to learn more about how we can help. 


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