Do You Need an Attorney to File Your Qui Tam Case?

joe-perales-117891-copy-300x198In general, if you want to file a lawsuit against another person or entity, you have the option of going at it alone (pro se) or hiring an attorney to represent you. While pursuing a lawsuit pro se may not be the wisest in all situations, some people still choose to go that route because it is more cost effective and they do not have to give away a portion of their winnings to their attorney. With qui tam lawsuits, however, it is almost impossible to go at it without an attorney because of how complex qui tam lawsuits are. Here are a few ways in which an experienced qui tam attorney can help you have a successful qui tam case.

Government Intervention

The most important thing you will want to achieve early on in your qui tam case is to get the government to intervene, as your case has a much higher chance of success that way. Our attorneys specialize in qui tam cases in which the government intervenes, and we will do our best to persuade the government to intervene in your case. After practicing qui tam cases for years, our attorneys have become well acquainted with government qui tam attorneys and how to communicate efficiently and effectively with them.

Evidence Gathering

As you develop your case, you will need to gather as much evidence as possible. An experienced qui tam attorney can help you with this step by advising you on what types of evidence you need to collect and which details to pay special attention to.

Filing a Lawsuit

Qui tam litigation is an extremely complex type of litigation, with many moving parts and its own set of rules. Having an experienced qui tam attorney on your side can make all the difference while filing a lawsuit or appearing in court.

Retaliation Blocking

One of the most risky parts of filing a qui tam case is potentially facing retaliation from your employer if they find out about the case. An attorney can help keep your case confidential for as long as possible and fight back against any retaliation you may face from your employer.

Relator Compensation

While the government does guarantee certain minimum payouts should your case succeed, there is a pretty big range in which your compensation amount could fall. An experienced qui tam attorney can help negotiate the highest award for you and fight for your rights in court.

Contact a California Qui Tam Attorney Today

As you can see, having an attorney represent you in your qui tam case is only to your benefit. The attorneys at Willoughby Brod have helped countless relators file successful qui tam claims and obtain significant relator awards for their tips. If you believe you have witnessed fraud against the government and would like to file a qui tam claim, contact us so that we can help you analyze your case and make a determination as to how you should proceed. Contact us at (800) 427-7020 or visit us online to schedule your free consultation today.

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